Thursday, September 17, 2009

C-AF test with EP1 after firmware Update v1.1

I did a test on C-AF to determine if the C-AF is indeed usable or not after the Olympus EP1 firmware update from ver 1.0 to ver 1.1

I am using C-AF, multi AF point and P mode setting.
As for the lens i use a m43 adapter to 43 and use the zuiko digital 50-200 f2.8-3.5 and shoot at 200mm

Based on my results below the C-AF is more than capable of shooting kids which some photographer claim they are unable to and the C-AF certainly works very well.Please bear in mind that this was shot from a 6 storey apartment with 200mm focal length and that is 400mm equivalent in 35mm format!

Please double click on the image below to enlarge or view full size. Thanks


Anonymous said...

With all due respect PoD, this is a ridiculous test and does not show any improvement as the depth of field for the entire scene is in focus across all of the photos. How about you go downstairs and try it again from say 10m or so and have the kids running back and forth?

Lucifer said...

i have tested 2 EP1 side by side with the kit lens and 1 person walking 1 meter in front of me. The new firmwARE will manage to take more shoot and track faster compare to old firmware :) it is not in my is real.!!