Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Olympus EP1 AF test after firmware upgrade to v1.1

I have conducted an experiment to see if there is a difference in the focussing speed in Olympus Ep1 after the firmware update to v1.1

I conduct the test by having 2 EP1, one with firmware 1.0 and the other one 1.1
Both test is conducted using 14-42 kit lens.

Using S-AF multi point focus area the firmware 1.0 show faster focusing than firmware 1.1

Using S-AF single AF point the fimware 1.1 show faster focusing than firmware 1.0

The S-AF test above have very minor speed improvement.

Using C-AF single or multi point show clearly v1.1 is way faster than firmware 1.0

U can experience significant improvement about 0.5 sec here using C-AF on moving object.

And i notice some ppl conduct test of C-AF using static object which is not right. I test it on a person walking in front of me. The C-Af on firmware v1.1 is a clear winner.

Focusing of S-AF in dim light also did not improve much or i would say you would not feel any difference.

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