Monday, September 28, 2009

Olympus Ep1 for low light photography.

this one is taken at 1 second shutter speed.

Went to Tony Romas Restaurant to try out the Olympus EP1 in low light photography. It turn out to be pretty well. All the photos below are shot using kit lens 14-42 mm and the black and white photo is taken with the built in black and white art filter effect.

Autofocus is normal. not blazing speed but quick enough. Using spot focus will give u a hard time in low light so use the multi focus point.

the IS (image stabiser is a must!!) I have photo shown below taken at 1 second shutter speed!!

ISO ..will in this badly lit restaurant..the only choice is iso 1600 and above..


Mark Chan said...

would like to query whether using 12-60mm or 14-54mm on the EP-1 are both fine - I read that the 12-60mm 2.6 does not 'support CDAF, or may be slower than 14-54mm 2.8.

Would greatly appreciate your comments on this.

Lucifer said...

Hi Mark

The 12-60 on EP1 works fine. :)
14-54 i have not tried it..

in fact if u use 12-60 on EP1 the focusing at night will be improve due to the f2.8 aperture compare to the kit lens.

Mark Chan said...

In terms of focusing speed does it at least reach the speed of the kit lens or the prime lens?

leaning towards the 14-54mm 2.8-3.5because of the rumoured CDAF function vs the SWD motor on the 12-60mm which does not function properly on EP-1(?!??)

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

the speed is nearly the same with kit lens.