Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alienware m11x unmask !!

I actually log a case with Dell regarding the low quality rubber feet which deteriorate after less than 1 week usage.. then Dell agree to change the rubber feet for me. i must admit their customer service is very good..

today the Dell customer service call me and mention the engineer will be onsite to change the rubber feet for me..but to my surprise is not the rubber feet..is the whole back plate!!! This is how the shiny thing look like..

After the Dell engineer open up the Alienware m11x this is how it looks like...

The 4GB DDR3 Ram I notice that they use Samsung RAM

They are using the Samsung Battery ...

Here is the culprit...i cant use the SIM card slot cause the WWAN module is not there.. i might source for one so i can just insert the sim card into the sim card slot and start to surf the net.

The harddisk. i did not check it..most probably Samsung again..

Ok the speaker location is kinda of strange.. it is not located at the best location...so that is the reason why we get crappy sound out from the Alienware m11x...Looking at the speaker material it is not exactly super high grade...

Another speaker which is located at the near center in front of the hard disk

The heatsink..which do all the dirty job cooling down the system

The Dell onsite engineer doing his stuff...

Ok mission complete..my backplate is changed and voila i have a new rubber feet.,..err new back plate?

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