Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sony 3D Expo in Mid Valley Megamall 2010

This is how a playstation 3 Game look like in 3D

Cloudy and the meatBall in 3D

Went to Sony 3D Expo in Mid Valley. The main reason i drop by is because of the new 3D Bravia TV. When i went into the 3D theater i am convince that the TV will be as equally as good... I am thrill with the usual 3D effect ala similar to those of Avatar...however when I exit the 3D theater and move on to the new Sony 3D TV, i am very very dissapointed.

Here are the reason why..

1. you need to be within 6ft range..otherwise your 3D spectacle would not work
2. the 3D effect is not the same with those i watch in cinema!! how do i describe is not that smooth and i feel nausea and want to vommit..maybe cause the 3D effect is not as smooth ..i dont have a scientific explanation for this but all i can say is i would not buy it cause the technology is still very new..and it is not perfect..
3. the price...

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