Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Asus N82Jv Gaming Laptop - Not a Review.

I come accross this Asus gaming notebook while searching for other notebook which use the Geforce 335M graphic card. And better..it can use the Optimus technology !

The N82Jv use the i5/i3 processor while the n82jq use the i7 processor. Other than that everything is the same. The outlook is definitely no match for the Alienware m11x but the processor spec certainly blow m11x away. n82JV do come with 8 cell battery too but then under heavy utilization it wont last 2 hours i guess..

Splendid "Super-Sonic" Multimedia Enjoyment
ASUS Super Hybrid Engine - Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint
SuperSpeed USB 3.0-10 times faster data transfer rate than USB 2.0
ASUS VideoMagic Technology for Full HD Viewing Pleasure
All new 2010 Intel®Core™ Processors-i5/i3
World 1st notebook with NVIDIA Optimus™ Technology, Great Performance, Great Battery Life

This is the spec sold in Malaysia.. i cant find anyone who selling the i7 version.

i5-520M (2.40 GHz (Turbo up to 2.93GHz)/L2: 3M) new platform
4GB DDR3 (2Gx2)
14″ HD Color Shine (LED)
8xSuper Multi-Dual
ASUS 802.11b/g/n
Windows 7 Home Premium(64bit)
BlueTooth / 2.0M WebCam
6 Cell 4400mAH
USB 3.0 (10 times faster than USD 2.0)
2 Years international warranty


Asus N82JV hidden Link

Asus N82JQ hidden link


Anonymous said...

hi dude, someone in lowyat forum is selling it.

3RL4N664 said...

the core i7 ones is only in america, europe and asia only got the core i5 version.

at first, I chose alienware due to its great looks and good battery life, but since this laptop pops out at the local store nearby with superior spec + Optimus, I'd definitely but this next month.

btw, I stumbled upon your blog thru google :)

Lucifer said...

thanks for dropping by..in the end i choose alienware m11x over asus because alienware cooling system is better..running bittorent 24 hours for 2 days would not increase the processor temp to 60 celcius..always below 50 celcius..and the room is not air conditioned!!! in the end what is important is stability..cause my current acer notebook is powerful but the cpu always hit 90 celcius..!!!

3RL4N664 said...

never go for acer, their R&D sucks big time, never designed the interior any better from model to model.

of course, m11x's harddrive, cpu and gpu located far from each other so they won't get heated :D

i just concerned about m11x's weight and the glossier screen, it hinders me.

GamerSyndrome said...

Looks cool! except what about those small town people like me that don't have an ikea nearby.