Tuesday, July 27, 2010

StarCraft II - Wings Of Liberty SEA Edition -Unboxing

Today is a bad day..i am stuck with bad throat infection, ulcer, migraine, running nose and cough. See doctor sleep for whole day.,.then when darkness fall the darkside remind me of something.,.yes today is the starcraft 2 official launch in malaysia!
I quickly search the internet on where i can purchase it..The curve, All IT and basically all the game shop..but wait..do they have stock?? Well most of them do not stock up much...they told me all sold out already by noon cause mostly preorder..

Determine to be the first few who obtain SC2 i try my luck in Submit USJ after my dinner. When i reach there..it was like my dream come true. SC2 is everywhere..but but wait...whats the catch?? that right they are selling at rm268 !!! yes rm268 where everywhere else is selling at rm248 and some even get as cheap as rm210 from lowyat.net
But i was like fuck it..i just need to have one..dont mess with a determine very sick man who want to play SC2!! So i bought it,.,they manage to give me a free starcraft 2 free dog tag and 2 poster..1 giant and 1 small..The T-shirt is ok cause i dont like it..it was ugly..yeah ugly,..ugly..

Basically these are the pictures of the Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty - SEA Edition Pictures
Basically the content includes :-
1. Starcraft II quick guide
2. 4 guess card for WOW and SC2
3. Installation CD
4. The box itself..
Picture taken using Olympus E3 + Zuiko Digital 12-60 + FL-50R Flash..Dont tell me the composition sucks or anything about photography,..i dont bloody care..i just wanna see the SC2 intro and cut scene!!

Yeah this are the pre-order freebies that come with the Starcraft II !! Just kidding..it is just my wife favourite food.

Installation process is very long..

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