Monday, July 19, 2010

Ultimate Wireless Network Which Support HD Streaming

This is a follow up review on my project.

Equipment require for this project.

1. Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH
2. TP Link 8616 ADSL2+ modem
3. A portable 2.5 USB HDD 360GB

Additional equipment require

3. TP link WN821N


Ok first let talk about the wireless router cause that is the heart of the high speed wireless router..

Buffalo has announce that they are going to relese a DD-WRT firmware for this model but it is nowhere to be seen. Fear not. go get it here:-

Why dd-wrt firmware ? cause the stock firmware sucks..that why..

You can goto Here.. to download this buffalo_to_ddwrt_webflash-MULTI.bin

After you have download that file just flash it by going to the default buffalo firmware administration page -> Update -> select local file -> and choose the firmware you have just downloaded. During this process do not interrupt it till it is finish. You can know it is done or not by looking at the buffalo router diag led..if it is red blinking..then dont touch it..if it is notred blinking means it is completed..

Wireless Speed:

Well this depend on what wireless card you laptop or pc is using. If all run on N wireless card which my Alienware m11x have..then you will get a 300mbps wireless network. And if it detect one of your card is running on wireless G then it will downgrade toi 54mbps wireless network. Put it this way you need all wireless adapter to run on N mode to get high speed.,

For optimum performance you need to run at WPA2 -> AES encryption.. The higher security level you put the less speed you get. It impact the speed of your wireless network and also the range.

Summary on why i choose this wireless AP.

a) have USB port to support NAS. (ntfs not supported but you can use XFS to support large file)
b) all GIGA ethernet port including the WAN port
c) 300 mbps
d) support dd-wrt firmware and future model actually all ship with this firmware
e) support DLNA
f) support torrent without PC
g) price..only cost rm250+-
h) slim form factor
i) wireless range is good

The modem TP Link 8616 ADSL2+ modem

You do not need a powerful modem..Just find the cheapest modem you can find on the market. Right now TP link is my best choice cause it is cheap and reliable..Yeah hear me here.,.it is reliable and this lil baby come with a 4000V lightning protector.

TP link WN821N

This usb wireless N network card work great for its price.. What else could you ask is only rm59

It support windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

Actual performance..

The graph below shows you what is the actual thoughput when i am streaming the movie Avatar 1080p HD movie from laptop A to laptop B . I am also downloading from utorrent with an average 40 to 160kbps (this depend on the seeds)

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