Monday, July 12, 2010

Security Guards In Malaysia.. .

Here are some interesting facts you should about security guards in Malaysia.

1. Most of the security guards you see at the condominium or shopping complex are foreign workers from Myanmar or even India and 99% of them do no speak English or even Malay,. so if you are in trouble dont bother communicating with them cause it is like talking to a wall. Yeah when being investigated or interview the REAL security guard will come out and talk..(they do have PR too!!)

2. The scope of work of those security guard you see in condominium and even shopping complex does not include the need to save a dying person, or a person being rape or rob or another person beaten up. what the need to do or in fact contracted to do is to report the incident to the royal malaysia police. They are not obliged to save you when you needed them most. So let say a security guard look at you when you are beaten up and dont help you..dont bother sueing them cause it is ok for them to do so in malaysia..cause their scope of work only require them to report to the police..they dont need to get their hands dirty..

3. They look smart, they look legal..but are they qualify? I would say 90% of the security guards would not know how to do CPR or even have basic training in case of emergency. I doubt their intergrity has been check too. The security guard in my condominium would even dare telling me he is broke and ask me to give money to him everytime i pass the boom gate. wtf!!

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