Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Restaurant Jln Sultan Hainan Chicken Rice Sucks

Dont let the char siew below fool you!! it is very hard to chew..meat not!!!
Equine park hawker stall chicken rice is better than this..

When i was on a food hunting activity, i discover this restaurant. I love Hainan chicken rice so i give it a try..The restaurant is obviously very new. As you can see the price is very expensive compare to your typical chicken rice stall at any restaurant.

The BBQ pork is too hard to my like chewing on wood. The meatball is tasteless..luckily the white chicken is ok. But if i compare the white chicken with the usual white chicken stall in Equine Park Jusco there..i dont feel there is much fact the Jln Sultan Chicken is bloody overprice just like the Meng Kee Restaurant..

My verdict..stay away unless you got nothing else to eat or just go to any hawker stall..they serve the same stuff and cheaper.So dont waste your time going to this restaurant..

Anyway this restaurant is located at Subang Jaya USJ

total damange to my wallet:-

white chicken for 1 person rm3.80 (not including rice)
BBQ pork for 1 person rm4.50 ( not including rice)
Herbal Tea rm1.50
Meat Ball Soup rm4.00
Rice for 2 rm2.40

Total 16.20

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