Monday, December 6, 2010

Howto update the Papago M7 Malaysia Singapore Map

(*Note: Double click on the picture to view the bigger picture)
Goto Download WinSCP or Here to download WinSCP 4.29

Goto here to get the map for Malaysia (you need to download the Custom version of papago map)
Get the map from this forum. credit goto malfreemap admin

Ok once you have all the file ready..install open ssh in your apple iphone 4

then get your iphone 4 wifi ip address

Ok once completed open the WinSCP in your windows. I tested it on Windows 7 64 bit. no issue..

key in the hostname: ip address of your apple iphone 4 connected to the same wifi router as your pc
key in username: root
key in password: alpine

and click on the login button.

Click on the "Update" or "Copy Key"

Once it is loaded browse to

on the left pane are the extracted papago maps you downloaded from malfreemaps located on your pc. on your right pane is the file on your iphone 4.

You can select all the files on your left pane and drag the file to your right pane. when asked whether to overwrite duplicate files. choose "Yes to All"

good luck and enjoy your new papago Malaysia and Singapore map..

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