Thursday, December 23, 2010

PJ Volcar Service Centre Sdn Bhd is Lousy....

I send my car to PJ Volcar in Jalan 222 for servicing. A major one which include top overhaul. After 3 months of usage the engine gasket is leaking ...and they claim they change the gasket for me again.. But after another 3 months when i do my normal car service in another workshop in glenmarie..shared auto services...i get a shock of my life.. The technician told me that the metal nut that hold the screw is missing. Please refer to the picture below..

I call PJ Volcar and complain but they seem to ignore me and claim that they will not honor this type of problem as they claim they have change the gasket seal once and if it leak again is not their problem. WTF...The root cause is because the stupid engineer in PJ Volcar lost the nut and when they tighten the screw on the engine top it break the gasket cover..

I would not recommend any Chevrolet car owner to goto PJ Volcar service center. Stay away from that service center at all cost...Yeah not to mention that their price is very high..i think they still charging sky high price base on official SC price list.. but aren;t they aware they are not the official SC for chevrolet car anymore!!

Just another thing to add..they used to be ok but once their trusted engineer and worker resign things start to get worst..

Please black list PJ Volcar Service Centre Sdn Bhd


SM said...

Ii had a very bad experience woth PJ Volcar as well 8 months back. Right after normal servicing, i was driving on the road and out of a sudden, all the system shut down one after another and i was shocked and thought i could just try my luck to drive back home with 2 young kids. Unfortunately, the car engine shut down by itself while i braked my car at the traffic light. When i tried to restart my car and my car was totally 'dead'.

Now my car is due for another major service i am hesitating to send my car there but i do not know where to send my car for servicing. Especially this time its time to check my gearbox. Can anyone give me some good advice?

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I am new to Chevrolet. Bought one for my dad, Optra LT 1.8 but it has a majorissue with blinking "HOLD" button & also gear shift prob. It was done abt 1-2 mths ago & the prob re-appear. Have you encounter this with your chevrolet? need your advise. Any good service center to recommend?


Lucifer said...

you can try one of the ex service center which is still operating in glenmarie shah alam..opposite traffic one autoparts wont miss it..and the hint is ..the workshop is own by Malay so you wont miss it..