Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[ROM] LeeDrOiD 3D V2.0.0 - 3rd September | HTC WWE #2.3.4 Review

i flash to this ROM yesterday.

1.After flash the WIFI dont work but i have apply the fix mention in this forum and the problem is solved now.
2. Dice is not working. I uninstall it so that this icon dont appear
3. The BEAT preset equalizer dont work. There is no difference between the normal and BEAT preset.
4. Running benchmark using Quadrant Standard give me score between 1300 to max 1700! that is low compare to my stock ROM which can give me score at a region on 1800+. I try the 3 CPU add on fix on the first page of this thread and the result is the same. This ROM gives low benchmark score for quadrant. I even try to use setcPU to set to performance and set the max and min to the highest speed. I still get bad results in Quadrant. A very noticeable drop in FPS when benchmarking the graphic.
5. Battery life compare to stock i think is better.
6. HTC Friend widget will cause the HTC sense to lag.
7. HTC sense will force close after initial reboot. Intermittent problem
8. THe HDR mode in the camera do not do any real HDR. It is the same as normal mode.

The only real advantage for me to flash to this ROM is the battery life. Thats about it. Other than that i dont see any significant improvement over the stock HTC rom.

Anyway i would like to say thanks to the developer for this ROM because of the amount of effort spend in developing this ROM

Insane benchmark result...lower score compare to stock rom!!

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