Saturday, September 3, 2011

Samsung Omnia i900 3 year Aniversary

I still remember when my wife bought me an Samsung Omnia i900 as my birthday present. It was the king of mobile back then...err beside the iphone. It has the highest spec in the industry..but but now it was so outdated. It have gone through lots of surgery...i battery replacement, a touch screen transplant operation ..and now it is as good as new..

but with all the Android hype, can this old Samsung i900 run adroid Witu? the answer is yes it can run, however a lot of function is not supported cause Samsung do not want to release the information on how to interface the Android with its i900 hardware. So fella Omnians out there dont even bother to try the so call Android port of Samsung i900 cause it is not usable at all.!! I repeat not usable at all..

It is better off with its faithful Windows Mobile 6.5 .

But is this lil hardware still usable now? Well it can use it as a MP3 player, A media player if you have the TV output cable, a phone (of course this is a phone right) and a simple web browser in needy time when all my iphone, ipad and alienware laptop is malfunction!!

Anyway Happy 3 Year Aniverssary to all fella Omnians :P

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