Friday, September 16, 2011

HP TouchPad Review Part 2

I am going to continue my review based on real world example and honest comment..

Issue 3.:-The WebStore have plenty of non quality apps..Why i say non quality. Some of them dont even launch properly and exit. Majority is not optimized based on HP TouchPad screen resolution. And most application is not even useful....

For god sake..Nyan cat in HP webstore?? oh please...

Issue 4: I notice HP removed all PAID apps from the web store. This is evidence that the HP Touchpad is going to be a fossil soon...

Issue 5: As you can see from the pic above. Apps is not optimized based on the HP Tablet Screen Resolution! This is really not acceptable. If HP is going to compete against Apple this is going to put HP down the drain..

The native Internet browser works fine. I can goto 2 most famous website, and Flash work as advertised :) However one thing worth mentioning is the touch screen is somehow not responsive. Let me explain, the touch screen is responsive however the OS is not. When you try to click on a button, it always a hit and miss.

Issue 6: The Adobe Reader works fine however to load the adobe reader is a nightmare..In fact loading time for most of the application in WebOS is slow as 10 to 30 second! no kidding!

This is another app which is not optimized for HP TouchPad. What a dissapointment.

Even the native clock is boring and look not interesting..

Maps is usable but again..very slow startup time...

But not all apps is useless..the photo gallery and surprisingly 1 games which i forgot whats its name is usable..

Another comment i have is even the Angry Bird Rio is not optimized based on HP TouchPad screen resolution!!


Please do not waste your hard earn money on this junk unless you are a very technical guy who plan to hack this device and put Android OS into it to give it a second life..

What a dissapointment.

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