Friday, April 20, 2012

High ISO Test with Olympus E-M5

Today i went to my usual favourite roadside mobile steamboat restaurant..Fat One Steamboat..It is located at SS15 Subang Jaya in front of Public Bank. The barbeque pork sausage is must to try!

All these pictures are taken using Olympus OM-D to test the high iso capability of this camera in low light. So far i get pretty usable image great for web publishing :) You can double click on these pic to view the larger image.

1. This is the photo of Fat One Steamboat Mobile Restaurant captured at iso640.

2. This is century egg taken at iso 3200!
3. There are many selection of lok lok..capture at iso 500
4.Handsome stall owner. ISO2000
5. This is one of my favourite ,.the pork sausage. ISO3200

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