Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Penang Day 1 Casual Walkabout

iso6400 23m f5 1/25sec 

It was already very late at 9-10pm after my dinner...So me and my 2 bb stroll along Jalan Burma in search of more nice food..however our mission fail because on sunday a lot of stall is closed! However i manage to test my new Olympus OM-D camera..yeah time for high iso test..!! Surprisingly ISO 6400 is very usable compare to my Olympus EP2 and E3. Well how can i compare them cause the technology is years apart..But what is worth mentioning here is OM-D allow m43 and 43 users to experience shooting at high ISO where previously this is a taboo or forbidden area for 43 or m43 users~!
 iso6400 12mm f3.5 1/50 sec
iso6400 12mm f3/5 1/60 sec

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