Monday, April 16, 2012

How to delete Untrusted Certificate from your machine.

two certificates listed in internet options --> content --> certificates --> certificates/publishers that are under "untrusted publishers."
There is no way to remove them.
They are issued to "microsoft corporation."

They are issued by "verisign commercial software publishers ca."
They expire, one on 1/30/2002 and the other 1/31/2002.
Both say in "friendly name" --> "fraudulent, NOT microsoft"
They have been revoked.
No way to remove them however.
How did they get here?  Reason:- The cert has been revoked by the CA!

Just goto start run type certmgr.msc then wait for the console to pop up. Then browse to the Untrusted certificate like the own shown in pic. Then select the certificate you want to delete and right click on it.Select delete.

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