Thursday, August 14, 2008

GPS on Samsung OMNIA review..

yes i bought it in Courts for rm2799 for 16GB omnia free rm99 pouch from samsung + free digital photo frame (donno how big cause not yet receive,maybe the small one) + free Philip blender + free screen protector..

the stylus is inside the package need to buy is in the box..

i tested garmin XT today on omnia..after approximately 2 hours of usage + on and off go internet download gmail now battery left 40% ..not bad..if it is my nokia n73 the battery die long time already..

the lock on time for GPS is slow for the first time..but after lock on..subsequent lock on is faster..and inside my car tinted i dont need to put near window .. quite sensitive..

GPS garmin XT work like a charm ..u dont need the styles to operate it cause it is optimized to use with fingers :P the button are large enough and i have no problem using the gyro sensor to change the layout from vertical to horizontal..initially i thought it will hang but it did n;t :) so i get the view map in wide screen style !!!!



Isabelle Marciana said...

ish, u bought the omnia??? i want it also... how's the phone???? it's very nice model thou.

Lucifer said...

the phone is very nice..u should get one too.. :) my wife bought it for me as my birthday present :P

Isabelle Marciana said...

jorrr... so jealous man !!!
Initially i got the opportunity to test the phone for a month and write the review on it, but i didn't go for it....

Vinson said...

bro, u get it for RM2799??
with so much give??
where do u get it??
can u email me??
thanks alot