Thursday, August 21, 2008

Samsung OMNIA new firmware i900DXHH1/DZHH1

Here is my phone info after the FMG upgrade the firmware for me:-

Date: 21 Aug 2008


Bluetooth:(2.0 + EDR)
S/W: 2.0.3
H/W: 2.0.1
MAC: xxx

WIFI (IEEE 802.11 b/g)
H/W: 1.0
MAC: xxx

after upgade i notice this:-

1. Samsung Keyboard got touch feedback
2. The Samsung widget interface changes..Under program now u can scroll up and down smoother without need accidentally launch any application, and got a sort function to choose A-Z
3. Clock function got new interface for setting up clock
4. The camera setting change. Previously in G4 got the shake reduction on / off now in HH1 dont have.
5. Total storage memory now is 91.50MB free is 49.41MB (more than G4)
6. Chinese input still got
7. Camera tested working not yet analyze got different in image quality or not.
8. And during the auto rotate from vertical to landscape the interface change a bit. During transition got some cool effect on it.

today go back will test more i am a happier owner of samsung omnia..hopefully they come out with more improvement in the future.


BoluX said...

Is there any way we (other omnia users) can get our hands on that firmware before it is officially released ? By how things are currently going it may take a long while until it will be released on their site. Help would be greatly appreciated since we all want our touch feedback back.

Lucifer said...

hmm not sure if you got a way to extract out the firmware let me know i can try for you..but till then i guess no choice for other omnia users...

BoluX said...
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BoluX said...

It looks like the dump is out on the net now, thanks for the help though.

Sean said...

I have flash my i900 with DXHH1 though, but the chiness input keyboard was nowhere to be found, I tried go to Regional setting to change to Singapore (Chinese) but still the input method is not there, can you help? Thanks!

Lucifer said...

u need to click on the middle input option on the bottom of your screen..

lingg said...

hello, may i know where u update the firmware? its foc or? thx in advance!

lingg said...
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Lucifer said...

i upgrade the firmware in Samsung service centre FOC.

the latest news i heard is that a new firmware HH3 is out!!! i dont know what is the improvement..will try it out later..

arnold said...

WHAT OMNIA ( I900L OR I900) ?