Saturday, February 27, 2010

F4 Restaurant in Sunway USJ .

This F4 restaurant is situated in the Sunway USJ industrial area..first of all i dont know how they get their license to operate a restaurant in industrial far as i know all restaurant need to have a set of "renovation rule" such as tile to be a certain number of height, etc..but this F4 just somehow manage to put it through.. Maybe the restaurant owner is a good friend of some other politician in Sunway..

We are talking about 100 tables here..not your usual small business..this is big business i am talking about...well maybe tax free, maybe not..most of the captain who are taking order here are from China. I have seen more and more chinese from China work in restaurant nowadays..

The food here is so so only. I think the main attraction here is the price..I dont think there is other place in sunway usj where you can order chinese 10 course cuisine without breaking your piggy bank,..

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