Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympus is launching E-5

I suspect Olympus is launching another flagship the Olympus E5.
.New Olympus Teaser
The Olympus E3 is way overdue.. even the latest E-P1 have better sensor and IQ compare to your flagship. What a shame..

The list of stuff i would like to see in the upcoming Olympus E5 are:-

1. Better high iso performance. give me at least an usable iso 3200
2. Smaller and lighter.
3. Add in Auto HDR
4. Add in Art filter
5. Add in Panorama Sweep function just like the sony ..
6. Add in GPS tag support
7. Higher FPS..make it at least 10 fps. Otherwise dont call it a flagship...
8. Improve noise reduction function. I still see hot pixel in long exposure..damn it.
9. Improve the auto gradation function. Right now turning it on will do more harm than good to the photo Image quality
10. Video recording in HD 30 fps and 24 fps mode enabled
11. Stereo audio recording capability
12. Make it really weatherseal as i hear more than 1 encounter where sand got stuck on the button and some other area..or should i say..pls make it sand proof?

anyway in another 10 days i would know if my prayer has been answered or not

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