Saturday, February 27, 2010

Garden LifeStyle Store and Cafe in 1 Utama

Garden LifeStyle and Cafe in 1 Utama is cosy, look more like an english style cafe to me. Dining here is a nightmare..The waiter is polite and good but the food take a very very long time to reach me..A curry mee which take more than 40 minutes to reach me? that is rediculous..

They gave me this free cheese cake as way of saying sorry. Not bad. very good service recovery.

The food here is just ok. The price tag here does not justify the quality of the food served here..maybe that is the trend get some kopitiam food, package it nicely and create a so call classy environment and charge you a premium for it..i can get the same type of food outside a normal chinese kopitiam with less than half the price sold here..

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