Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let There Be Light - Joe McNally

This is Joe McNally setting up his computer for the next session...( picture taken using Olympus EP-1 iso 1600 . Double click to enlarge)

I attended Joe McNally - Let There Be Light seminar recently in Shangri La hotel. At first i feel silly. I was thinking why would i pay rm380 to attend a seminar just to listen to some marketing talk and most probably another prograganda to promote the website or worst another nikon marketing agenda.

But I was wrong..the opening by Louis Pang is very inspiring too. The Guerilla Lighting guide by Louis Pang shows us what to expect and do during a typical boring wedding shots. A few tricks was shared during this session but somehow i hate the idea of Louis keep on emphasizing on the promotion of the i mean i dont pay rm380 to come here to listen to some marketing talk. I know rm380 is not a lot to others but it means a lot to me. Other than this i would rate Louis as a very humble guy who is good in wedding shot and most probably over emphasized on this promo that day.

Then after 12 the auction session begin to auction off a few masterpiece by Joe. No guessing the pic of Datuk Michelle Yeoh hanging from a helicopter over the Hollywood sign manage to get the highest amount fetch that day,,rm5000

When Joe session starts everyone was very first he show some 1 flash technique and i was like WTF not all these basic session again..oh no...then some boucing technique..i was like..damn..i feel cheated..then he switch over to the umbrella and then softbox and then ...u get the idea..i feel relieve..excited..cause i am glad i was wrong again..what Joe just did was to show us from the very basic 1 flash setup to errmm let say 5 flash setup ! and to show us how to use different light modifier to create differnt masterpiece.

I am also glad that i dont listen to some of my friend who say this seminar would be a waste of money...

Keep up the good work Louis Pang for organizing this event and hopefully there will be another session next year or maybe end of this year!

Rating : 5/5


Louis Pang said...

Thank you for your honesty and feedback. We will work harder to serve photographers better.

Lucifer said...

Hi Louis Thanks for stopping by :)