Monday, April 18, 2011

Apple Ipad 1 vs Motorola Xoom

If you stumble accross this page most likely you are having trouble to select between the Apple ipad 1 or Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

I am not going to go through all the spec of each unit but instead i will tell you why Apple Ipad 1 is a much better choice despite it lower hardware specification.

As you all have known.. i own lots of gadgets. SLR, Olympus PEN, Iphone 4, Samsung Omnia, and the list continue on..My goal of getting a tablet is not to replace my other better gadgets such as Olympus PEN,iphone 4 or even my dsLR.

The reason i want a tablet is becasue:-

1. I want a portable media player which can play 720p movie. Why not 1080p? no need dude..the screen is just 9 to 10 inch and trust me 720p look damn fantastic already.
2. To be able to access my corporate email.
3. To be able to play game like infinity blade.
4. To be able to surf net
5. To be able to listen to music
6. To be able to do stock trading transaction
7. To be able to view my office document
8. To be able to become a GPS navigator

Why Apple Ipad 1 is better because of its usability.

1.The user interface is simple but it is because of its simplicity it is fast.
2.It is cheaper now thanks to Ipad 2 launch
3. The duo core processor will not make any diff now cause most app is single threading anyway
4. The only improvement is the graphic but if i wanna play really intensive graphic game i will use my alienware m11x
5. So many accessory to choose from!
6. Chick magnet
7. Once jailbreak the possibility is endless just like android.
8. Dont need the Apple ipad 2 camera cause to use a tablet as a camera is really not cool.U have shaky images due to non movement cause it is not easy holding a tablet still and take photograph.
9. Motorola xoom or Samsung tablet just like my samsung omnia will come to end of life real fast due to no support from Motorola or Samsung. Yes android is free but the driver or architecture of the device is proprietary. So if Samsung did not release these information, you are screwed.. A good example is developers is not able to port a working version of android for Samsung omnia i900

Well dont shoot me cause i like Apple gadgets but Apple ipad rulez...

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