Friday, April 1, 2011

Jalan Pasar Panorama with Apple Iphone 4

(Double CLick to view large image)

Jalan Pasar is a street in Kuala lumpur where you can get all the cool and cheap electronic spare parts. But beware of the counterfeit and stolen product that the peddlers try to sell you. It is a very busy street because there is a wet market here as well.

I went there in search of electronic gadgets but left that place dissapointed because nothing catch my attention.

I manage to capture a panorama using my Apple iphone 4 at Jalan Pasar. I did not bring my SLR cause i suspect the street is not "safe"


waterlily said...

weh iphone can take panorama ? how how?

Lucifer said...

use a software call PANO