Friday, April 8, 2011

First Nitecore D11.2 in Malaysia! Compare with Nitecore D10

I was so excited when my dad call me and let me know my parcel has arrived!. It was my Nitecore D11 version 2. The Nitecore D11 is more user friendly compare to D10. The major changes i would say is in the how the LED is control. The ramping of light to brightest to dimmest has changed. D11 v2 allow you to ramp up or down smoothly unlike the Nitecore D10.

Here is my mini non professional review on the Nitecore D11 version 2.

The packaging have not change much. It did not give you that "premium" kind of impression. It is a simple packaging which includes the LED torchlight, the lanyard and the spare o ring.

If you notice the 145 lumen is not exactly new. The D10 SP10 R2 is having 145 Lumen as well but do pay attention of the number of hours it could last. This beast can last 1.5 hours compare to 1 hours (nitecore d10)

The D11.2 also come with a advertising booklet. It gives you some background on what is this LED and why it is so special. Interesting reading material though.

The overall finish of the D11.2 is emaculate. In fact i like the D11.2 better compare to my D10 cause i can grip it better. Maybe because of the new shape design at the mid of the LED.

Comparison between the D11.2 and D10. Notice the size did not change. This is good. Cause i am not expecting a bigger size AA LED light. The D11.2 size is just want i wanted. If you notice the tail design is different too.

This is the famous piston drive that nitecore LED have. I think it is the only manufacturer that come up with this design.

Notice the texture on the D11.2 and D10? It has not change much and i am ok with it cause this texture provide maximum grip. The D10 and D11.2 is kinda of small, slightly longer and bigger than an AA size battery. A good texture on the LED is very important.

Nitecore D11.2 and D10..Back to back..

A peep into the heart of the D11.2. The CREE Premium R5 LED.
I do not have the picture on the BEAM of both D10 and D11.2 but what i can say is that the D11.2 have smoother focus beam. Unlike the D10 which has a very focus bright throw light at the mid and fade of quite significantly at the corona, the D11.2 is much more smoother. It gives you the impression that the overall throw light is much more brighter and the corona around the mid throw light is not noticable too. It is kinda of hard for me to explain in words. Let me prepare and get a picture to show you guys what it mean.

I notice that my D10 has warmer light profile compare to D11.2

The user interface change slightly. Click once to on and click once to off.

While the LED is on. Click and hold the tail button to ramp light up or down. When it reach it max brightest it will flash once and vice versa.

It have the same SOS and strobe light. Both can be activated with while LED is off. Quickly click once and hold or Quickly click 2 time and hold.

Another thing worth mentioning is this LED is build like a tank. It can withstand quite a number of abuse. The only weakness it have is do not use alkaline battery. It the battery leak into the piston, the only way to revive it is get another piston. I guess this weakness apply to all electronic gadgets.

Ok that all for today folks. I will add in more information if i find anything interesting to share and pardon me for my unprofessional review!!

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