Friday, April 22, 2011

Movie Review: A Chinese Ghost Story 2011

Today i was so anticipated to watch A chinese Ghost Story 2011. However i left cinema with anger..I am very angry because the director turn a beautiful story into something disgusting.


The original tale, written by 17th century Chinese author Pu Song Ling, is a love story between Ning Cai Chen and a beautiful spirit named Nie Xiao Qian. The story has been adapted to the silver screen many times before, from 1960’s “The Enchanting Shadow” directed by Li Han Hsiang. The most well-known version to date being the Tsui Hark’s production in 1987, 1990 and 1991, known as “A Chinese Ghost Story I, II,and III”.

But China’s hottest director today, Wilson Yip (Ip Man 1 & 2) is taking a whole new approach from films of the past. Starring Louis Koo and Liu Yifei, and at a budget of US$20 million, this picture is one of the most exciting martial arts fantasy films ready for release at end April 2011.


“A Chinese Ghost Story” is not a remake movie. I have just selected one of the famous “Ghost Story” to play out in a feature film that is filled with oriental fantasy. I make a romantic love story not a ghost story. The cast combination of Louis Koo and Liu Yi Fei will give a most impressive performance.

— Wilson Yip, Director


The story takes place in an ancient mountain village. There were spirits and tree monsters living on Black Mountain and these demons were always engaged in slaughter and bloodshed. The villagers all fear to enter the mountain and the Lan Ruo temple within the mountain.

When Yan Chi Xia was still young, he chose Black Mountain to practice and realize his dreams of becoming a good Demon Hunter. He experienced many dangerous battles with demons in Black Mountain. His sword became more fearful, and he gets more powerful and confident as he overcomes all the spirits and monsters until the day he met her and their sad story begins.

Many years later, when the river at the base of Black Mountain dried up, the villagers made the decision to search for a water source on the mountain. Humans, ancient spirits and tree monsters enter into conflict. From there, another romantic legend emerges

Liu YiFei as siu sin is no where near the original Joey Wong 王祖賢. And nin choi sun look like a dirty minded geek.
Louis Koo as Yin Chixia is also a joke.

This version actually show Yin Chixia is siu sin original lover but he make her forget about him. Later Siu Sin meet nin choi sun and they make love but in the end Yin Chixia have to make her remember because he need to extract a weapon used to seal her memory. At the ending she say that she love Yin and also Nin Choi Sun. WtF...She loves both of them!!

The fighting scene is worst than ultraman and the original version of chinese ghost story is way way better even last time they do not have all this fancy technology and CGI.

Overall please dont waste your money and go watch this movie. A total junk..

Rating: 1/10

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