Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good article of 4/3 sensor

I would like to share a good article on 4/3 sensor


Interesting pics taken from

(Viewfinder Size Difference)

(Sensor Size)

Interesting summary by wrotniak on the sensor:-

To sum things up, size-wise at least:

1.All three most common types of DSLR sensors (APS-C, Foveon/Sigma, Four Thirds) have practically the same size; therefore any discussions of differences between them due to the size are groundless and just demonstrate that someone did not bother to check the numbers.

2.The full-frame 35-mm (or 135-type, using the old film terminology) sensors are roughly twice that size (linear) or four times (area).

3.The smaller (2/3") sensors are approximately half that size (linear), or 1/4 of the area (the difference between those and 1/1.7" or 1/1.8" is, again, insignificant).


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