Sunday, May 11, 2008

Olympus E-410 better than Sony Alpha A200

In Digital Camera Magazine Issue 29 May 2008 there is a full review on Sony Alpha A200. The review is totally not in favor for this entry level SLR Sony A200.

In the review it says "The high ISO/noise performance is dissapointing." Despite sony a200 having a so call larger sensor than a 4/3 system it still fails to deliver..

Noise start to creep in so badly in ISO 800 at at ISO1600 to ISO3200 i would say it might be slighly on par or worst than a 4/3 E series SLR.

And i am surprise at the absent of Live View too. According to DCM it says "Olympus E-410 is smaller than A200, nicer to use. There is LiveView and some sophisticated metering option. with a 90% rating compare to 80% rating given to A200

looks like Sony did a pretty bad job with the entry level SLR A200.

Another thing to worth taking note is the kit lens 18-70mm by Sony is no where near the superb optic of Olympus E-series std kit lens 14-42mm (in dpreview lens review give a high rating for the std kit lens from Olympus E-series)

The plasticky feel on the body also deter potential buyer..and Live View is a std nowadays and i am surprised that they did not include this useful feature!

Overall i would say..there are better SLR out ther and Olympus E-410 which is few years old is defnitely kicking Sony A200 ass..

And to SoulFly from for even comparing A200 to Olympus E-3 i would say stop being a fanboy and grow up..Sony A200 can;t even get a better rating than E-410 in DCM..


Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are biased because you own an E-3. If you check newer reviews, you will read that the Sony Alpha series is one of the best new DSLR cameras out there.

Jason Richter said...

Ironic enough, you claim that people are bashing Olympus and detest them while you yourself are bashing other brands like Sony alpha. Also better is very subjective and all short term technical tests result are for the most useless and are inclusive
tests that does not really show the true potential and capability of the camera it's self compared to a actual constant user of the camera. Both Sony and Olympus makes good DSLRs and are very competitve in terms of pricing and even some SOny alpha are said to be comparable to quality from the "Dark SIde".

Lucifer said...

i am not bias..u can look at the pic for yourself..picture speaks louder than words.