Sunday, May 11, 2008 discriminate Olympus user part 2

I notice a lot of people ask me what did ? how they discriminate Olympus user..? to be fair it is not is some of the forummers inside which is the problem here..

I am a happy lowyat member cause lowyat provide the best market place for gadgets..but then i found a new hobby which is photography..and so happen i am a minority there cause i bought an Olympus. i have always refrain myself from fanboyism by not posting any article that shows the superiority of having a 4/3 system over canon or nikon nor do i go and oppose the superiority of some of the makes like the full frame in canon or nikon. But i have notice a certain people like TheVoip and Empire23 which always threat themselves as GURUS and make fun of other camere brand like 4/3 by putting words like "its gonna fail" not good enough for this and that.

I have try explaining to them but no use..words get twisted and end up i gave up and i vow never to post in the photography thread again..and yes before i left i insulted them. And golfries ban me which is what i have expected.

I would say that the photography forum should post a warning by saying that it is only for canon and nikon user only. No point allowing other makers to post there later to be insulted by hard core canon n nikon fans.

well if i dont goto where else is the Olympus community..?? hehehe plenty.. like (the self funded Olympus group) (well at least the user here is a little bit mature here and dont go for open bashing on the Olympus except for a few case but still manageable)

hopes this clear matters up...


Anonymous said...

olympus sucks la.
dont deny that fact.
if you have the money why dont you go for nikon or canon instead.
dont get too emo dude. what they stated is the truth.

Lucifer said...

you do no provide facts why olympus suck u spammers.. what fact you are talking about moron?

yes i have plenty of money and FF is child play to me.. i don t go for nikon and canon because it suck!! (sound familiar)

and what they stated is just pure fanboy statement and only half the truth..

show me what your got instead of spamming with pure nonsense.. get lost..

Anonymous said...

In the end, it doesn't matter what camera u use. If u have good photography skill, you will get good photos.

I myself decided to sit on the fence between the C vs N debate. So I went the 4/3 route.

So far I'm happy with what I'm using. I maybe the only Panasonic DMC-L10 DSLR user in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

its true.. doesnt matter which camera u r using.. the most important is ur skill.. u have a ff camera also no use if u dont have any skills.. just my 3cents..

Anonymous said...

hahahaha Hellfire...idiots are everywhere. You can't run away from them. Screwscrew them la. They know how to talk only but no substance one.