Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Olympus SLR not pro enough?

Today there is a heated discussion within the Olympus community. One of the guys wanted to sell off all his Olympus gear to switch camp to Nikon. Among the reasons are the more superior noise control in Nikon D300 compare to Olympus E-3 and autofocus issue and the list goes on..

Well is the switching of camp is due to peer pressure or is it really necessarily?

This makes me wonder should i join in the bandwagon and switch camp to the dark side. Well before i make any decision i decided to look back at my wedding photo taken by the so call professional photographer. I analyze the EXIF data of all the photo and try to figure out what ISO they use for both indoor / outdoor and even outdoor sunset shooting..

Well to my suprise even they are using Canon EOS-1D Mark II, none of my pics is taken with ISO 400 and above. Mostly is iso 100 to iso 200 and sometimes 400. This lead to my next question..Well if i use E-3 and shoot at iso 100 to iso 400 will i be subject to the so call inferior noise issue? Well just google around and you will find various answer and comparison shot between canon 40d vs nikon d300 and Olympus E-3. At iso 100 to iso 400, it is vitually impossible to distinguish them apart..
So then it lead to my next question? What trigger my friend to have the surden urge to switch to Nikon D300? Well he did mention on wide angle not wide enought due to the 2x crop factor vs 1.5x ..but with a Zuiko 9-18mm or Zuiko 7-14mm lens you can get all the wide you want? so is it really because of the wide angle being not wide enough..? Then i was thinking i really need that wide for all the shots i take? even for a group photo a standard zuiko 9-18mm is more than sufficient to cover a decent large group photo..

So i guess all it leads to in the end..i would say is due to peer pressure..yes, no doubt Nikon D300 or Canon 40D have more advantage at high ISO shooting when you need to shoot at iso 1600 and above..but then you need to use up t ISO 1600 in your so call professional work..well for sure i know my pro wedding photogapher dont need iso1600 above even it can do so flawlessly..

Anyway i wish him all the best and good luck and may him find peace with his new Nikon D300.

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