Thursday, July 16, 2009

Applying Art Filter in Olympus E3

Thanks to this person Matt Jaskulski now we can use ARt filter with the olympus E3 SLR


Basically the author mention that you need to hack the RAW file and inject E30 Raw metadata in..

•Install the new Olympus Studio v2.3 (perhaps Olympus Master will work)
•Get the superb ExifTool by Phil Harvey. It is a command line utility (GUI's are available) with astonishing EXIF editing capabilities. Fear not. I will tell you what to input so you won't have to dig through syntax.
•Get yourself an ORF that came from the E-30 or other Art Filter ready camera (some have reported that E-P1 files do not work - this camera's EXIF information differs too much and is incompatibile). We will refer to it as the E30.orf
•Prepare your own ORF from the E-3 or whatever. We will refer to this file as E3.orf. Also, make a copy of it and name it E3backup.orf.
•For simplicity, place all three ORFs in the same folder as EXIFtool
•Copy ALL OF THE METADATA from E30.orf to E3.orf using the EXIFtool. To do that, use the following command line:

exiftool.exe -tagsfromfile e30.orf -exif:all e3.orf

•Done? Great. Now restore all the E3.orf's original MAKERNOTES tag using the command:

exiftool.exe -tagsfromfile e3backup.orf -makernotes:all e3.orf

•It is almost done. When you open the image in Studio, you will probably notice that colours are scrambled. That is caused by different arrangement of Bayer's Colour Filter Array between both cameras (don't get me started). To fix this, use the command:

exiftool.exe -tagsfromfile e3backup.orf -CFAPattern e3.orf

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