Monday, July 20, 2009

Panasonic LX4 LX5 rumor...

According to some rumor the new Panasonic LX4 or lX5 will have the new 1/1.3" size sensor.

Although this is exciting but not exactly what i really anticipate this year. What i really anticipate this year is the new m43 PEN with the current EP1 size and with an EVF and flash built in with autofocus assist function. Another big announcement Olympus E3 Mk2 which will be a refresh of the current Olympus flagship.

Well i really hate to wait...waiting sucks..

In the meanwhile i would just like to rant..about Olympus Ep1 out of stock problem everywhere...either the seller are holding back stock to sell at a higher price or Olympus really cant cope with the high demand of Olympus EP1 worldwide..

Some shop claim to sell at rm3280 for the twin kit len in Malaysia (source

Some shop sell at rm3500 for the twin kit len (subang parade there)

and some shop sell at rm3800 for the twin kit lens (this is the official std price)

Will happy bargaining!!

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