Monday, July 27, 2009

I have posted the pic of the the moon

How to take pic of the moon? Easy..just grab your Olympus E3 or watever slr and the longest tele lens you can find. In this case i use Zuiko 70-300mm which is equivalent to (140-600mm in 35mm format equivalent)
Tripod? nah u dont really need it..or do you? actually tripod will make your picture sharper but you can still take the moon pic without a tripod. It is not the de facto reason why u cant take a pic of the moon without a tripod present.
Setiing is easy.. u see without a tripod u have to play with iso, shutter speed and aperture. The shutter speed must be boost to iso200 and 400 since i am not using the tripod in this scenario and ideally i should use 1/300 but tat would make my pic very dark. So i selected 1/100 +-
Aperture is a no brainer thingy. Select the biggest aperture u me f3.5 is bigger than f7 just in case if have a diff idea..
Well happy shooting..

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