Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Olympus EP-1 is bad and lousy

Olympus EP-1 the new micro 4/3 PEN from Olympus is certainly superb in size and image quality but the engineer forgotten a few important feature:-

1. No Auto focus assist light... even a point n shoot have it..well most probably the lens will block the AF light anyway..
2. No build in flash..well FF slr dont have them too
3. No viewfinder..WTF u want to use it like a point and shoot and yet u want a viewfinder
4. No remote wireless commander..duh!
5. Not much m4/3 lens available..shit how many of those noobs who buy SLR ever upgrade away from their existing kit lens?
6. No matching pouch at the moment..hmm $$ oppurtunity
7. Not cheap
8. Resolution of LCD not the highest in industry..well the engineer say it is purposely done to enable viewing under bright sunlight
9. No build in GPS..yeah GPS tagging is cool
10. No buildin wireless card...yeah so i can share pic wirelessly
11. Cannot shoot 5 frame per second
12. Cannot transform into a robot..

ARGHHHHH......please give me enough reason not to buy this piece of junk...!!!


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another add on based on mfahrur reminder...E-P1 cannot trigger by RM-1 no wireless remote trigger!!