Monday, November 17, 2008

Dust in my Olympus E-3

Please double click on the image to view the dust in my sensor. The dust is being highlighted in red circle. This is what the best OLy SC can do..leave a dozen of dust on sensor upon cleaning..

i send my unit to clean the sensor and return i get these:-

I know the E-3 has been open become there is a lot of glue mark here:- Please double click on the image to view where the glue mark is in the picture. I have to clean the glue mark myself upon receiving this unit back from Oly SC.

On top of all these problem i also get dust in my viewfinder..Talk about bad hair day!!!


sam4605 said...

Owh!! hopefully my E3 wont be in this nightmare.. lousy service by Oly?

Lucifer said...

i send back now they change the penta prism view finder..the left and right rubber grip as well the new IS logo..

hopefully everything is ok now..