Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nokia Bluetooth hacking !

Today CEH hacker halted conference got a live demo..a bluetooth hacking to be precise.. not much is reveal in the conference so it left ppl dumbstruck on what software the presenter use and how he do it!!

Is ok i am going to share it here..the software use is call BT Info

The latest version is call BT INFO v1.08

The presenter claim that it can virtually hack into any bluetooth device but i can tell you that this neat software do not work on my Samsung OMNIA :) i am save...

You can download the tool here:-

The password to open this file is ""
if you cant extract the file or donno how to do it..pls don't disturb me..ask your other IT support staff to assist u..


Well this installer is a jar installer. It work ok on my Nokia N73. U just need to copy the file into your nokia N73 and click the file from you file explorer in the nokia symbian OS. Then the installer will start and you just need to click ok yes yes ok..the ussual stupid message. After install you will be panick!! cause it is not in English language by default!! No worry you can change it to english..

Well i am tired today..i will cover how to use this tool later..but to be honest if u cant figure out how to make this work..forget about hacking...


Cannot hack
- nokia N70
- Samsung i900

(pls give me more comment on which phone supported and which phone not supported..thanks)

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