Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hacken Lee Concert in Genting 15 Nov 2008

Hacken Lee 2008
Arena Of Starts 15/11/2008

I was seated at YX 118. It was quite far in fact i was right at the end of the row. I thought my E-3 would not have enough reach as i only brought my 50-200mm lens not the 70-300mm. And the lighting is quite challenging too. Luckily my E-3 have the build in image stabiliser which help me a lot! i manage to shot quite a lot of pic in just iso 800 at 200mm!!

We stayed at Awana Genting and we use the cable car to go up genting..

(Double Click on Image to enlarge)

This is the stage before the event starts...

The tall girl

Will upload more pics of him too tired..

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