Monday, March 22, 2010

Indah Residence I (Kemuning Utama) - Bad Paramount Workmanship.

Paramount is a bad developer. After i received my key on Dec 2009 last year i make a defect complaint on Jan 2010. The developer has stated in the contract that they will repair all the defect by 1 month time frame. However after 1 month , to my surprise half of the defect which i reported earlier on is not fix. No reason was given and no report status was given to me too on why it was not fix.

Paramount township department order me to make an appointment for the 2nd inspection to report the same defect. A 2nd defect inspection was made on 8 March 2010 and once again they promise that everything will be fix in 1 month time. i went to inspect my house on 20 March 2010 and to my repair work has been on earth are they going to fix my house in 1 month time!! 12 days just pass without any work done.

I think this is a bad tactic by Paramount developer to avoid fixing their defective house.

If Paramount workmanship is good,,then is ok but their workmanship is bad...very bad..

Here are the list of common defect that i have reported:-

1. Uneven wall, the site supervisor claim that their workmanship is acceptable in the industry and even if i bring it to law (court) they will still win. Their benchmark is to put a ruler and make sure a 20 cent coin cant slide underneath the!!

2. Leaking roof..(on my 2nd inspection i thought it was fix but to my horror what they do is just turn off the water from the main to my tank.

3. Sliding door unable to close properly, He claim that this is normal for all house.

4. Crack wall and the place where letter box is located., they did not repair it claiming it was normal.

5. Some of the fitting on the toilet, (the on off gauge for the shower ) fell and they ask me to fit myself claiming that if i let their worker fix it then more damange will be done.

Well to all Paramount house potential buyer, beware of this bad developer. What they do is just passing the ball between the Paramount Town ship and the site inspector. Overall Indah Residence house workmanship is very very bad,.,.

just and update, my friend house in Indah Residence, just have water leaking from the 2nd living hall on the 1st floor. That is sad..

Please buck up Paramount...

Shall i bring this matter to court?

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