Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nitecore D10 SP LED Flashlight Smart PD Piston Drive, R2 Edition, 145 Lumens 1 X AA

The "SP" edition of the D10 is a special edition that features "hidden" SOS and Strobe modes and has a digital safety lock-out function.

Choosing Constant Output To choose your level of constant output, first turn on the light by tightening the head or (if the head is already tightened) by pressing the tailcap once. Then, press and continue to hold the tailcap and the D10 SP will cycle through it's three levels: low, medium, and high. Release the button to save the level you want.

Choosing SOS / Strobe To choose the "hidden" SOS or Strobe modes, first turn on the light. To access SOS, quickly double-press the tailcap (do not hold it down). To access Strobe, double-press the tailcap and continue to hold down the second press. SOS and Strobe modes are not "memorized," so the light will always turn on to whatever constant output you have saved.

Digital Safety Lock-Out To lock-out the D10 SP so that it won't accidentally activate from a tailcap press, first turn off the light and then press and hold the tailcap for more than one second. The light will flash once to indicate that it is now in lock-out mode. To cancel lock-out, simply triple-press the tailcap rapidly.

Summary of specifications:
Unique electronic-controlled extremely reliable switch design.
Piston Drive (PD) design makes the light more compact than lights with traditional clicky switches.
Switch reliability is greatly increased over traditional switches.
Electronically controlled switching - no spark generated from the piston contact since the microprocessor switches on the light AFTER the piston makes contact. This eliminates the risk of explosion in a flammable environment!
Electric current passes through the piston on the INSIDE of the light. No current is passed through the outside shell, which is hard-coat anodized.
When the light is off, the microprocessor draws very, very little power - between 0.1-0.4ma (0.2ma typical). For example, one 2000mah cell would last about 416 days!
Extremely compact size and lightweight suitable for Every Day Carry (EDC).
As with all NiteCore products, they use tough, imported 7075 military-grade aluminum!
Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized finish - no bare aluminum exposed, making it more durable.
Aggressive knurling over most of the surface - maximizes grip.
Resistant to impact from dropping in accordance with US MIL-STD-810F.
Waterproof to IPX-8 standard.
Broad-voltage fully regulated circuit, compatible with standard primary batteries as well as protected li-ion cells (batteries should not exceed 50mm in length or it may interfere with its operation)
Uses a highly efficient Cree XP-E R2 LED lamp.
145 lumens at maximum output.
Extended runtime on low (2 lumens)
Metal reflector with optical grade coating.
Impact-resistant optical lens with anti-reflective coating on both sides
Tactical lanyards braided with military-grade 550 parachute-cord.
Able to tail-stand to act as a candle.

The D10:
Uses common AA's as well as protected lithium-ion R14500's!
Dimensions: 89mm x 19mm or 3.5in x 0.75in (length x diameter)
Weight: 40g or 1.4oz (without batteries)
Runtimes on one AA
Max: 145 lumens, 50 minutes
Mid: 35 lumens, 6 hours
Min: 2 lumens, 45 hours or 1.9 days!


Look and Feel.

This unit is build like a tank. It feel very heavy and solid. The optional clip and lanyard is not my cup of tea.i prefer the plain look. The Piston Drive is where it hold the battery and use as a switch too. I think D10 is the only LED flashlight which use this design...


The light is not exactly the brightest..145 lumen is sufficient for everyday usage. However i prefer a build in diffuser which you can automatically switch on to make the light floodier instead of hooking an external diffuser to it. The Strobe mode is enuff to blind average joe. However i am not sure about the SOS mode,.I mean do i ever need to use this mode.? i never know. Holding down the switch will give me 3 level of brightness,,.i find that the lowest brightness is just nice if i wanna use it for camping or indoor,.

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