Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olympus E-P2 Unboxing pictures

Here is my Olympus E-P2 Unboxing Picture. Some ask why post this crap? Well there are a lot of interested people who would like to see what is included in the original package and some just like unboxing pics and video.

1. Notice the GF1 bag that i bought together with my Olympus E-P2. The GF1 have much more padding compare to the original Olympus bag. The extra BLS battery is a must if you are an Olympus PEN Art Filter Fan..those build in photoshop software eats battery..

2. The Warranty Card

3. Olympus free Silver Sticker? Yeah the sticker is cool but useless to me.

4. The manual which i am not reading it.

5. The Olympus Master CD which you are going to need it later to read the RAW file and to update the camera and lens firmware if there is any.

6. The internal packaging is the same as Olympus E-P1

7. They give you a charger and video cable, usb but no HDMI

8. The lens mount of the kit lens 14-42 is made of metal. The latest Olympus E-PL1 kit lens mount is plastic..yuck...

9. The viewfinder come with a soft casing. But a hard casing is better. It is not made of leather..just some fiber material.

10. The viewfinder. The round thingy is the need to adjust it to see clearly if you got eye problem..

11. The viewfinder comes with a bracket to protect the socket if not in use..

12. And finally the Olympus E-P2

I will come out with more reviews later..stay tune..

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