Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Defect Work on Kemuning Utama Indah Residence.

i am sick and tired of irresponsible Paramount developer who keep on delaying their repair work

I get a new tips from some forummer here:-

"..write an official letter to developer saying that if rectification not done within the agreed period, you will appoint your own contactor and all the charges will deduct from the last 5% payment that is still not release to the developer. You cc the letter to you bank, loan agreement lawyer ."

This is a very good tips.

On top of that please do the following defect check:-

1. crack wall
2. moisture
3. uneven wall
4. flood your top bathroom overnight to check for any leakage. My friend ask me to use clay or plastertine. I tried with 3M tape and newspaper to stuck the drainage hole but fail.


Kim said...

Hi, getting the lawyer to draft the letter for us. Shld be able to recvd within this wk.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i agreed that doing ponding test is a good suggestion but it's advisable to be done by a correct person with a correct way. So get the PRO to do it.