Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Digi and Maxis iphone deal sucks

The Digi and Maxis iphone deal is a major rip off..
Just look at our come their rate is much more cheaper compare to Malaysia??? come on Digi and Maxis..pls dont continue to threat us like ass hole..

Check out the Singapore iphone plan..

The low turn up rate for the Digi Preorder iphone shown below is a proof that the consumer is getting wiser ...they know when a deal is really good or just another marketing gimmick..

So many Yellow staff and yet so lil customer...

Apparently the only advantage for the early birds are:-

1. i free yellow iphone casing
2. some crap iphone software
3. holder for the iphone..

thats it! so why would anyone rush to a shopping complex on a working day just to get these extra? strange marketing decision..


Anonymous said...

I did a quick comparison between the M1 link you provided and the DiGi iPhone deal. I must say, DiGi's deal looks better! Did you remember to take the amount and multiply it by 2.4 (exchange rate)?

H said...

The problem with Digi plan is that all are 24 months. iPhone 3GS was released last summer. It will definitely be outdated by summer 2011. Those subscribers will be stucked with the phone by then, and without warranty too.