Monday, September 15, 2008

Cik Suhaina from Kementerian Perdagangan called!

Cik Suhaina from Kementerian Perdagangan called me regarding the Samsung OMNIA fraud case.

Not bad. for a moment i thought the web site for us to submit case is for display purpose only and there will be no follow up from there after.!!

This shows the Goverment is keen on keeping an eye on those irresponsible traders..

Waiting for good news from them...stay tune..


Lingesh said...

hmm......kpdhnp just sent me a letter saying they received my complaint.

Anyway, latest update. Called samsung helpline 1800-99-8888 and complained. They are getting stock of a digital photo frame next week and will call me to collect when it arrives

Lucifer said...

they get the real digital photo frame or just normal one?

call me also when the stock arive..


my msn

Lingesh said...

real digital photo frame i think.......if not real one.....i ketuk their heads.....

The normal one i got redi......

we will see in a weeks time