Thursday, September 4, 2008

Samsung And Courts Mammoth Kota Damansara Cheat Customer v2

Latest news.

I have contact Mr Munian from Courts Mammoth Kota Damansara 4/9/2008 4:24pm. He mention that FMG is willing to compensate with 2GB micro SD card!

They claimed it is a Toshiba 2GB micro SD card which cost them approximately rm100+-

They also claimed FMG is also willing to give out the TV output cable for Samsung OMNIA foc as promised.

Look fine right? Wrong!!!

The 2GB micro SD card (Kingston) only cost rm28 (Sandisk) rm30.
They think i am stupid or what..The digital photo frame cost hundreds and they are trying to buy out with a rm28 2GB Micro SD card!!!

I call him and say that the minimum compensation would be at least an 8GB micro SD card and the TVO cable.

As ussual they claimed the TVO cable is not out yet.

I will see what they are up to next..while waiting for the authority to act on them as i have reported this case up to persatuan pengguna. (consumer rights department)

Special announcement.!!

I am glad they are lot of caring people who help spread my message across too!!

Thanks Tam Hanna


Lingesh said...

made my complaint at kpdnhep....complaint number 00807730. Called samsung as well. Missed call me back once but never called me back again...still waiting

Lucifer said...

cool bro..let them know that we are the new generation of Malaysian who will fight for their rights.

Tam Hanna said...