Monday, September 8, 2008

New Firmware for Samsung OMNIA .HH3

The new Samsung OMNIA firmware HH3 is out! This firmware is good for Malaysia and Singapore set...

You can download it from here:-


i am not sure what is the new improvement but i will try it out tonite :P

this uploader is only for Windows XP not Vista.

Here are the steps to update the firmware.

Step 1 : Install Windows Mobile Device Center
Step 2 : Install Samsung modem driver
Step 3 : Connect your phone to PC via Samsung Mobile cable.
Step 4 : Backup your data using ActiveSync.
Step 5 : Install the Samsung OMNIA [Firmware Updater], which will guide
you through the installation process.



Be carefuul, i download this file and i fucked up My New Omnia 16Gb.
Do not Download this file, if you download you will be sorry.

Lucifer said...

strange i tried it own my omnia 16gb and it works fine..perhaps u can give more details on how it screw up your omnia 16gb...

i am sure this is another case of user problem..

Wieslaw said...

I just successfully flashed my Omnia .... first I had some problems as the upgrade program couldn't upload firmware to my Omnia but after HardReset everything went smoothly.

Simon from Pless

Lucifer said...

haha i am glad u flash your phone successfully wieslaw