Monday, September 22, 2008

Worst Dim Sum In KL

Nope it is not the leftover food. This is what they serve me after waiting approximately 2 hours. The food does look awful..and i can tell you it taste like Sh*%^$

Yesterday went to eat Dim Sum in Museum Chinese Restaurant in The Legend Hotel next to the Mall and PWTC. The experience was simply unpleasant.

Upon reachning the restaurant we ask for loh mei kei and siu mai..and they say oh we are still steaming we say ok then go for those normal fried rice and porridge while waiting for the dim sum. But after waiting more than 1 hour we are only serve with 1 cha siew pau one chicken feet and 2 fishball.. Yes they need 1 hour plus to prepare just that and it is not even tastety. Then the situation turn worst when most customer there complaint about the poor service. After sitting there nearly 2 hours they have come out twith a misearable 9 variety of dim sum only. I left the place and vow not to eat there ever again..

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