Monday, September 1, 2008

Samsung And Courts Mammoth Kota Damansara Cheat Customer

Went to Court Mammoth in August 10 2008. Saw the nice Samsung booth. The model approach me asking whether do i want to buy the Samsung OMNIA or not. Handover me the brochure, then i ask her..."You are giving a Digital Photo Frame which can display picture digitally? " She replied "Yes you can put in memory card and the picture will be display on the digital photo frame."

At that time she say the stock is not available anymore and ask me to collect some other days.

To my surprise after i collect the so call Digital photo frame, it is actually just another photo frame. This is clearly false advertising used to mislead consumer. They are no different from a cheater. I am surprise Samsung is affiliated with this.

To my horror the TV cable output is also not given even though it is clearly stated in the brochure. I wrote an email to Samsung and even see the manager in Court Mammoth Kota Damansara. They just happily say oh that day we print it out wrongly.!!!

I urge each and everyone of you to be alert by such marketing scam by Samsung and Court Mammoth.

Stop cheating consumer Samsung and Court Mammoth
Kota Damansara. The world would be a better place without bad business man like you guys.

It looks like not only me is con :-

By the way this happen in Malaysia.

Latest update!!

I have made a complaint here:-

it is hastle free and fast!

Complaint Number: 00807695


Lingesh said...

hey everyone also did not get a digital photo frame....damn sucks.....called samsung to complain....have not called me back

Lingesh said...

they claim FMG oso dont know that it was a normal photo frame.....apologized but said cannot do anything

Lucifer said...

they can say all they want but in the eye of law they are at fault..they must honor it ..anyway i have made a complaint here today..i recommend u do the same..

Tam Hanna said...

Please tell me more on this! I am the webmaster of a rather big PocketPOC web site and can prolly help.

More info:

tamog AT gmx DOT at

Lucifer said...

thanks tam hanna

i have email you the details

Lingesh said...

all right....will do still not happy with the explaination tho....

Xphone said...

why i can't access the website

Anyway beside kpdnhep, how did u complaint to Samsung..

by phone/ letter/face2face?

Lucifer said...

xphone you should be able to access the site..anyway this is for english

complaining to samsung is viathe samsung web site. under contact us.use the web form. anyway lodging a complaint to the persatuan pengguna is important.

try again:-